CEO & Director




  • B.Tech (IIT- Delhi, AMIE),
  • BA Triple Maths, M.Sc. M.Phil,
  • Diploma in Child Psychology (USA),
  • Diploma in Educational Management (UK)


  • 28 Years of teaching experience.
  • Senior mathematics faculty

Worked As

  • Director Global, FTP, SAP
  • CEO Lakshya Forum for competitions
  • Dean Narayana Junior Colleges
  • Director – Delhi Sri Chaitanya Colleges
  • Worked for ‘UNO under UNDP project’
  • Founder director Vandana Junior college

Message from the CEO

ORBIIT is an initiative to provide an ideal platform for serious IIT-JEE/NEET/SAT aspirants. It has highly experienced academicians at the helm and a great pool of talented teachers and administrators supported by software experts and educationists. Our aim is to make the child learn with interest and without external pressure. We encourage child to have mental and physical growth for better understanding of subjects and performance. When the urge to learn and do well comes from within, it will be more productive. We strongly believe by providing serene atmosphere, unconditional support and encouragement, continuous motivation while bringing out inner talent enables the child to give their best and perform to their utmost potential.

Every child is unique in their own way and should not be compared with others, create the awareness among them and make them realize their potential, guide them to fix their targets and work for achieving them as this is continuous process of their life. Its tough for any human being to keep in continuous pace with the need of the hour, hence they need to be observed, guided, supported, directed, motivated and balanced in leading their life. If we can understand the limitations of the child in identifying their abilities and guide them accordingly, he/she will show inherent talent and will exhibit them, they just need to be said “You are the best and we are there with you” rest is all their time.

Good News to student community and parents :

It is made to strongly believe by few institutes and individuals that it needs lot of hardwork and spend tough time to achieve big scores and ranks in competitive examinations like IIT-JEE/NEET/AIIMS/AIPMT/AFMC/SAT etc; But our experience says it definitely needs smart work not just hardwork to achieve big. Our experience is historic wherein we produced many single digits, double digit, triple digit and seat getting ranks in all competitive examinations like IIT-JEE/NEET/AIIMS/AIPMT/AFMC/SAT etc; with smart work and entry into top 100 universities of the world along with few of them have joined universities like MIT/Harvard/Pennsylvania with the best scores and with the scholarships which remained as a dream for many with smart work while enjoying the basic needs of the life and all the joyful moments of student life.


– Durga Prasad Kunta