Campus Life

Campus Life

Campus life

A Typical Day @ ORBIIT Junior College

Hostelers and week boarders have to rise from the bed by 5.00 AM, get freshened up by 6.00 am after a brief yoga/meditation

All teaching classes and practice sessions including language classes will be held between 8:30 AM to 5.00 PM with sufficient breaks in between. 5.00 PM to 6.00 PM is reserved for relaxing, physical activities, practical/co-curricular activities like debates, declamations, extempore and other activities which improve communication skills and leadership skills.

6:00 – 8:00 am Study hours under the supervision of senior faculty

6:00 – 8:30 pm Study hours under the supervision of senior faculty

9:00 - 10:00 am Self-study hours for consolidation under supervision of faculty

7:00 AM to 7:00 pm
Semi-residential students

8:30 AM to 4:30 PM
Day scholars including GLOBAL

The ORBIIT advantage

Why students and parents Opt for ORBIIT Classes?

  • Highly qualified team of directors with vast experience of training and facilitating to achieve top ranks in IIT-JEE/NEET/SAT consistently over many years
  • Well-designed Curriculum.
  • Best-in-class teachers who are continuously trained by workshops regarding the best practices of teaching.
  • Best-in-class study and practice material - we don’t dump the student with all that is available in the market. Our objective is to provide perfect clarity of concepts and just necessary practice to the student so that he/she can solve on his/her own, any new question given on the same concept.
  • A challenging study atmosphere - not overwhelming.
  • Integrated curriculum with CBSE and ICSE textbooks - we don’t neglect them.
  • Leverage the technology - video lectures of eminent faculty.
  • Immaculate system of administration which ensures the implementation of the curriculum impeccably.
  • Usage of technology in the teaching-learning process.
  • Home away Home and parental care hostel for a comfortable stay.

Special Classes

All students in a class may not have the same level of IQ in a given subject. Hence all the students may not be able to understand the content delivered completely in the first go. ORBIIT will reach out to all those students who need help by arranging special classes periodically.

Counselling sessions and Motivational classes

Qualified counselling staff will interact with the students regularly. Regular motivational classes are conducted to inspire the students and help them understand their strengths and weaknesses and thereby helping them plan to achieve their targets.

Video Lectures

When students listen to a concept repeatedly and at their comfortable time, they tend to understand the concept in a far better way. For this reason, ORBIIT is going to provide access to video lectures of eminent lecturers.

Doubt Clearance

The faculty is available for clearing the doubts. They are also accompanied by associate faculty who will help clear the doubts. During doubt clearing hours, the teachers and the accompanying staff will be among the students and the students are encouraged to interact with them and clear all their doubts.

The System

With the vast experience of the Founder Directors, Orbiit Junior College has designed a robust academic system which utilizes the latest and innovative methodologies

Main Features
  • Focus on Aptitude and Subjective pattern
  • Standardized teaching
  • Videos and Documents to help students visualize better during a lecture
  • Practical Classes
  • Integrated teaching plan - from Board examinations to JEE (Mains and Advanced), NEET and SAT
  • Special focus on MAT, general aptitude for logical reasoning and IELTS/TOEFL.

We strongly believe that a student must be motivated to develop interest on topics he/she is learning. To achieve this, teachers must be passionate about what they are delivering - we handpick such teachers. Relevant Videos and documents will be shown to the students to enhance the curiosity in the subjects they are learning. Every effort is made to make the concepts easily understandable. To enhance learning and to create immense interest in sciences we adopt the method of learning by doing. Importance is given to project based group learning. Wherever it is required we conduct practical classes. All the teachers are trained to deliver a standardised content and finish the same in the stipulated time. It is our responsibility to take care of the student’s requirements right from board examinations to JEE (MAIN and ADVANCED), NEET and SAT.

ORBIIT Daily Practice Sheets

  • Improve clarity in the concepts - to reinforce
  • Learn by applying - to extend the acquired knowledge
  • Minimize the possible errors - to be careful
  • Challenge and sharpen the mind - to face new challenge
  • Group problems - to encourage discussion and share thinking
  • Boost test scores – ranks and score matter
  • Guided study at home/hostel

Testing Methodology

  • Robust testing techniques
  • Paper Discussion • Complete Analysis and Feedback to students as well as parents
  • All India Rank for Test Series
  • Comparison with international scoring in case of SAT/AP
  • In house R&D to prepare Test papers and teaching learning material

Testing Techniques

  • JEE/NEET Patterns
  • SAT Pattern
  • IELTS/TOEFL Pattern
  • All India Test Series
  • AP/NATA/MAT Patterns