Activities at Orbiit Junior College

At Orbiit, we understand that scholastic achievement alone does not support career success for students. Additional skills are required to be future – ready too. Activities at Orbiit Junior College includes soft skills from the industry, such as group discussions on global events & cultural understanding, as well as other life skills such as social and emotional intelligence. This has led us to collaborate with professionals and learning experts to develop holistic methods of learning that are focused around the learner.

We firmly believe that a holistic learning environment will empower students to become well-rounded individuals, promote, motivate and mentor them. That is why our goal is to create a vibrant community with active involvement of students in activities such as physical exercise, meditation, memory therapy and a ton of cultural events. Through workshops and conversation with industry professionals, we are propelling our students at Orbiit, seeking knowledge by providing meaningful learning opportunities outside the classroom that foster independence, creativity and bring new perspectives. For more information click here

Physical Activity at Orbiit


Girls safety training at Orbiit Junior College

Girls Safety Training

Group Discussion session at Orbiit Junior College

Group Discussion

Counselling session at orbiit Junior College


Memory therapies


Memory therapies session at Orbiit

Memory therapies

Cultural Events

Mind Exercise Games at Orbiit

Mind Exercise Games

Psychology Sessions at orbiit Junior College

Psychology Sessions

Movie Sessions


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Yoad Practice activity at oprbiit Junior College