About Orbiit

The New Beginning

About Orbiit Junior College

ORBIIT is created by the vision of its Directors with the aim of providing an ideal, professional platform for serious JEE/NEET/SAT aspirants. The atmosphere we provide and the approach we adopt would inject the concept of “DO WHAT YOU LOVE AND LOVE WHAT YOU DO” OBC is one of the Top Intermediate Colleges in Hyderabad, It make students enjoy the nuances of each and every concept taught. We believe in the philosophy that right teaching is the one where in we induct subjective knowledge into the minds of students and teach them the techniques of applying the learnt knowledge to a critical situation. Rather than teaching, problem solving is a better method of teaching-learning process.

Enlightened by our huge experience working with the best brains of the country and aiding them in cherishing their dreams of getting excellent ranks in IIT’s, NIT’s, NEET, AIIMS, AIPMT, AFMC, SAT, ACT, NATA, AP and medals in National and International Olympiads of Maths, Physics, Chemistry & Biology and excelling in scholarship exams like KVPY.

“An exhilarating new beginning has just been made in the field of serious education. ORBIIT, The top Intermediate Colleges in Hyderabad is here to nurture the student’s dream to reach these pinnacles in a refreshing way with our vast experience in the field.

Our Vision

We, the pioneers of academic excellence in education, strive to work towards the betterment of the society by igniting the young minds to realize their full potential and bestowing them with the qualities which transform them into global leaders of future generations. The ambitions of parents and the dreams of students will be realized with well designed and scientific methods of ‘ORBIIT’ through well trained and dedicated faculty.

Top Intermediate colleges in Hyderabad

Our Mission

We aim at providing education which enables learners to have great focus, excellent communication, true leadership qualities, parallel thinking, pro-active approach, positive attitude and ability to manage failure and stress. Communication skills are the most powerful tools to conquer the world and make human a world leader. Learning is to understand the concepts and not by hearting the sentences.

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Our Team




  • 28 Years of teaching experience
  • Senior mathematics faculty
Worked as
  • Director Global, FTP, SAP
  • CEO Lakshya Forum for competitions
  • Dean Narayana Junior Colleges


  • 32 years of experience of guiding IIT-JEE/NEET aspirants
Worked as
  • Founder Director Kakatiya Educational Academy
  • Senior Chemistry Faculty
  • Chaitanya Narayana Junior College (CHAINA) Faculty
  • Founder Director of New Vision Junior Colleges
Ramesh - Orbiit Junior college


Junior Commissioned Officer, Educationist

Rama Krishna - Orbiit Junior College

Rama Krishna Nama

Software Engineer

Srinivas - Orbiit Junior College